We understand the power in product sampling.

In a world of sensory overload & brand competition, we understand the perceived value & power in product sampling & there is no substitute for a trial experience. All too often, we have also seen the common product sampling mistakes – from the wrong product size, wrong medium of distribution & cost cutting that undermines the benefits of the campaign. We know what works & what doesn’t.

What you can expect from us. Great work.

We’re not done at 5. We’re done when we’re done. We see the work we do with you as our own, and we treat it like such. We’re too young to not take pride in the work we are producing and the campaigns we manage.

Honest opinions. A few jokes.

We call it like we see it. Most of the time we’ll agree with your strategy, but sometimes we might suggest you take a different track. After all, you’re paying us for our expertise and we want you to get your money’s worth.

Sometimes, we can be funny. Not always, but sometimes. At some point in our relationship we will likely make a joke about why an Octopus has three hearts or how oysters stop hair loss. Hopefully you laugh.

What we expect from you. Clear direction.

Charles Kettering famously observed that “a problem well-stated is half-solved.”

Upfront, we are going to ask you what success looks like, and then we’re going to work backwards from there. Throughout our relationship, we make sure that there is a clear and mutual understanding of the goalposts.


We meet our deadlines, and we’re going to hold you to yours too. Our contact language has clear incentives for maintaining a schedule that is mutually beneficial to your team and ours.


We don’t openly talk about your business at the train station or at lunch. You never know who’s listening.


We try not to make mistakes, but we’re human. If there is a mistake that we caused, we’ll do everything we can to fix it. However, the final review of our completed work is ultimately your responsibility, so whip out your glasses.

Couple more odds and ends.

We take care of the fiddly detail others don’t want;

  • we take care of the hassle of holding small quantities of marketing stock.
  • we can wrap & brand anything you want from a bus to an opti-cooler.
  • hold, pick & pack stock in any quantity.
  • pack stock & deliver to your client as specified.
  • have temperature controlled vehicles.
  • we cover everything from transporting refrigerated & non-refrigerated goods such as dairy, cereals to confectionery.
  • packing & fulfillment of products, even setting up, cleaning & maintaining your promotional collateral.
  • look after all aspects of OH&S, warehousing & storage of your valuable asset’s.
  • choose a trusted partner with a decade of experience & a proven record driving big results, our value is knowing what works & what doesn’t.
  • does your current supplier understand your objectives?