ColdCube Freezer 720L Unit


The Cold Cube™ is made of robust and durable polyethylene which is food grade safe, UV stabilised, and easily cleanable. The powerful hermetic compressor effortlessly maintains constant temperature, which is displayed by the digital user inter-face, visible on each unit. These containers can be easily transported to another vehicle or moved into a facility depending on the customer application.

The Cubes are competitively priced compared to full van conversions and offer a lower price point to customers that only need refrigeration and/or freezing capability to – 24º degrees [freezer only]. 

  • Gross Capacity: 720 Litres
  • Minimum Temp: – 24ºC
  • Max Power [Amps @ 12V DC]: 32A
  • Refrigerant Type: R-404A
  • External Dimensions(mm): 1400 x 1100 x 1100
  • Internal Dimensions(mm): 980 x 850 x 780
  • Weight(kg): 150
  • Inclusions: Bluetooth (as standard), fans, plastic curtain, 240/12/24 multi voltage, pallet legs, 1 wire shelf, lock handle kit (this allows the units to be stacked on top of each other and locked down), high quality insulation up to 130mm thick, hermetic digital compressor, digital temperature control, CE, TUV and ATP certified
  • Warranty: 2 years on parts

 All price are + GST + Delivery

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Cold Cube™ is a small, but powerful Freezer & refrigeration unit that can be either portable or used with fixed applications. Just think, ColdCube can simply be moved from one vehicle to another, or even used in a warehouse situation.

ColdCube cooling units are the flexible and convenient solution for transportation and storage of perishable goods – ColdCube will fit in cars, trucks, vans or insitu at your warehouse. ColdCube units are manufactured from robust and durable moulded polyethylene and can be easily cleaned with minimum maintenance. Their digital temperature control allows easy setting of internal temperature. The units are powered by simply plugging them into a regular power point or alternatively, they can be wired directly into your vehicle.  A cost effective investment.