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Does creating a ‘Happy Work Space’ lead to better productivity?

Are people happiest and most productive when they work in an environment that suits them? As Cynthia Ulrich Tobias writes about in her book, The Way They Learn, we each have our own preferences for an ideal and productive work/learning … Continue reading

Junior Campaign and Project Manager

Chill – Making Good Ideas Happen As an integral member of the Chill team you are expected to model the way with your words and actions. Demonstrating our core values of: Integrity, Teamwork and Fun and Magic. We are currently seeking … Continue reading

Chill’s Employer Vision

Our Employer Vision We aim to be an exceptional employer; one that recognises talent and develops people to the best of their abilities. In return, we ask you to share our determination to succeed and our “can-do” attitude. Delivering the … Continue reading

We’re after a modern day MacGyver | Mr or Mrs General Duties; I can fix anything!

We’re after something similar to a modern day MacGyver. You won’t be disarming bombs with paperclips and used gum wrappers to fix fuses – yet you are a symbol for resourcefulness, ingenuity, and getting things done. You’re the kind of … Continue reading

Chill are Hiring | Super Talented Account Executive

Immediate Start…Like! Right Now… Chill is currently seeking a super talented Account Executive to work FULL-TIME who will act in a traditional support role to the Senior Account Director & Managing Director across our Product Sampling & Promotional Logistics platform. … Continue reading

Wanted: Recruiting Hummingbirds…

Or A Seriously Good Account Manager What kind of animal are you in your job? Here at Chill, we adhere to the qualities and characteristics of the Bee Hummingbird. Renowned for always seeking out the best nectar, they’re the smallest … Continue reading