Top 5 Reasons to Try My Food Bag. Join Today!

It arrived last night! And..

My Food Bag ingredients

All packaged up and looking pretty darn good. Our drivers were busy from sunrise to sunset delivering My Food Bag goodness across Sydney on Sunday 6th July. In support of this new project, we are also trialling a weeks worth of ingredients and recipes. If you are still considering, here are our top 5 reasons.

Here are our top 5 reasons you should consider giving it a whirl:

  1. The food is so fresh, you can smell it. Sourced locally by organic and free range farmers & suppliers. Let’s face it, fresh from the farm definitely does make a difference to the taste. It’s how food is supposed to be! Right!
  2. Delivered free to the door means less trips to the shops – no battling the supermarket queue at 6pm! Which means more time for other stuff. And the “OMG” what am I going to cook dilemma.
  3. Designed by MasterChef 2011 winner Nadia Lim [NZ] & her team of Chef experts. So you know its balanced in all the right way!
  4. On a Sunday night you are sorted for dinners for most of the week. Nothing like crossing that off your To Do list.
  5. You’ll be eating healthy, balanced dinners for the week. No guilty takeaways on the way home from the office! Ideal for busy families & foodie people, alike.

We also just love the old skool brown paper bag the ingredients are delivered in. [A little nostalgia, if you remember the days when your groceries were packed in brown bags.]

Orders close at midnight on Monday for the next Sunday delivery. Get in now! We’ll be placing our order again today! Go to:

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