Wanted: Recruiting Hummingbirds…

Recruiting Hummingbirds

Recruiting Hummingbirds

Or A Seriously

Good Account Manager

What kind of animal are you in your job? Here at Chill, we adhere to the qualities and characteristics of the Bee Hummingbird. Renowned for always seeking out the best nectar, they’re the smallest of their species and toughest creatures on the planet. Their unique flying abilities give them unmatched manoeuvrability to hover like a helicopter and fly backwards at speeds exceeding 54km. Amazing migrators; they also wing their way thousands of kilometres to reach their final destination – a huge feat considering their size.

Our business is behind some of the world’s most successful, award winning campaigns and products, and we’re also in the business of moving things back and forth, up and down.  The hummingbird reminds us to be nimble, flexible, agile and swift in making decisions and having precision in what we do.  These little guys are champions of survival and magic in the air.

Eagles and ostriches may loom large against the hummingbird [due to the same physiology], but its power lies not in size but in might, which is unexpected. Expect the unexpected is how we deliver “wow” to our clients – the magic moment into the customer’s experience.

Are you our next hummingbird? You’ll need intuition, a genuine respect for others and be able to motivate through example. In other words, we seek someone who has the qualities of a bee hummingbird. In return, we promise you won’t have to fly backwards or hover like a helicopter (but we might quietly encourage it).

Send your resume to: iwantajob@chill.com.au.

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