What does 30,000 Year Old Antarctic Glacial Ice Look Like?

Chill 30K Year Old IceWell it looks like 30,0000 year old glacial ice. It has a very high oxygen level and which can cause it to melt quicker than ordinary ice. So when the Japanese Ice Breaker Shirase  docked in Sydney this week Chill was one of the first calls they made. The ships helicopter pilot Andrew Page had some amazing stories to share about the 4 months he spent with the ship and the crew. The ship and her crew were on the voyage studying climatic changes along with movement in the earths axis. Not surprisingly though the thing Andrew was most excited about was getting back to land and having a break from 4 mths of frozen dinners. Chill now has the important role of sending the glacial ice to various locations around the country for the crew.


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