Chills Hairy Audicious Vision


To Revolutionise the Perception and Operations of our Industry. Incorporate Creativity, Quality, Service and Capitalise on our Resourcefulness & Refreshingly Different Approach.

We are super excited. Our Strategic roadmap to awesomeness, the Manifesto [soon to be published] is now completed.

Chills Manifesto is about respecting each other as individuals, our relationships, our journeys, beliefs and qualities. Our Manifesto is a bold statement, our daily mantra, and guiding principles declaring what’s important. If good strategic planning provides the long term direction of Chill, the overarching Manifesto is a deeply held set of shared core values & behaviours; its about our growth, [both personal & professional]; its our call to action to challenge assumptions, foster commitment and provoke change. This is our time, our clarion call to something that is bigger than ourselves to a grander vision, something that’s only possible through collaboration with others, because clearly, only “shared visions” have the magnetic power to sustain commitment, inspire people to connect, co-create and accelerate smart solutions to span the years and keep us focused on an exciting future.

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