Cool. Smart. And Mobile.

And we are not talking mobile phones here. What we are talking about is cool, smart and mobile – refrigeration. The only thing we enjoy more than sleeping is eating and drinking. In order to eat and drink, we’re going to need some cool electronics to make sure that our drinks stay nice and cool and that our food doesn’t spoil prematurely. Some of these fridges are concept ideas that may never make it to a department store near you, while other’s are more basic fridges but are very cool to look at.

Here are Chill’s coolest 11 refrigeration concepts around the globe.

1. Modular Refrigerator


It’s hard to get the perfect refrigerator for students. Although living in the same dorm, everyone wants a single space and the number of the students in every dorm is not the same. This brilliant design from the Electrolux Design Lab competition 2008 gives you a great solution. Designer: Stefan Buchberger.

2. Tree House Refrigerator 

This refrigerator design concept is more weird than it is beautiful. Its midsection is like the trunk of a tree, and it has five container/cabinets arrayed around it that resemble tree branches. Push a foot switch and the motorized main section opens.

3. Norcool Fridge in a Drawer

This Norcool fridge does away with the traditional idea of the singular, monolithic fridge, instead it tucks your cold food away in drawers. And it’s not a concept. Norcool’s production Drawer Fridge system is not only real, but it could be extremely efficient too. “Small fridges make good cities.”- the principle being that if you shop locally and fresh from a neighbbourhood store, you don’t need much space – quote by architect Donald Chong. The sleek metallic refrigerator is built right under your existing counter top space into easy pull-out drawers. Now that’s using efficient space.

4. Bio Robot Refrigerator

We have all seen this one before. But hey, it’s still in the cool zone for us. Designed by Yuriy Dmitriev, the Bio Robot fridge works on the principle of biopolymer that helps to keep all the food items cool through luminescence. The non-sticky gel surrounds the food and the strong surface tension of the gel helps to build separate pod for them. The fridge offers plenty of space to hold your eatables without mixing the odor. Amazing concept, it’s the futuristic refrigerator.

5. Shift Refrigerator

The concept behind the Shift Refrigerator is to save energy by minimizing the outflow of cool air. What it wants us to do is use a smaller compartment in the big fridge, on a regular basis. It will be trough this special door that you put your most used food items. The principle is that when the refrigerator door is opened, cool air flows out and warm air flows in according to how wide the door was opened, resulting in increased use of electric power. Designer: Yong-jin Kim.

6. Transparent Refrigerator

This is nice. The transparent refrigerator is one of the many new home electronics displayed at the National Electronics’ Invention Station in Tokyo, it’s a campaign hosted by three pretty Japanese anchorwomen. This transparent refrigerator will show your food to everyone, so make sure that you keep it clean and nicely arranged at all times. Although, you won’t have the kids staying out of the fridge. It will be like a new toy to play with.

7. R2-D2 Fridge

Okay, so you may not be a sci fi or star wars fan. But this little R2 unit has to be by far the best and coolest little fridge around. The product has only been made in 1000 copies and they were intended as a prize for an “Attack of the Clones” contest, held at 7-11 stores in Japan back in 2002. {So long ago}. The website has a copy of the R2-D2 Fridge that can be yours for $1,070. Geek alerts, get your fix here.

8. Glass Door Refrigerator

Creative and clever refrigerator and freezer with glass door from Sub-Zero.Make any kitchen look slick. They have cooler rooms for your most valued wine collection too. Loving the glass doors. Just have to make sure your glass is clean and your fridge is well stocked. Here is the full range here.

9. Beer Dispenser Refrigerator

Now any man, father, grandfather, hell let’s go the whole male population (who are beer drinkers) will be salivating over this beauty, this fridge for real men. The inventor of the HomePub, a fridge freezer with built-in draught beer system, is, it goes without saying, a genius. Designed with special people in mind, the kind who like to pour beer on their cornflakes or drink their coffee with beer and two sugars, there’s designated space for two five-liter kegs. Its not available in Australia yet. But you men out there, keep dreaming. I’m sure it won’t be too long before the HomePub arrives on our shores.

10. Collapsible, Portable and Green Refrigerator

Well we have talked all things quirky and cool. But if we want cool, green, compact, smart and mobile. Then this creative refrigerator ticks the design boxes. This collapsible Soft-Refrigerator concept by Electrolux’s simple design is great for people who don’t have enough money to spend on a real fridge or simply don’t have the space needed and want something smart and simple. A circular column can expand upward and the permeable structure allows cold air from the base to rise upward and help cool any items placed inside of it. A great and simple solution for those that don’t want to waste energy. Not only could this be great in small, compact areas, but think caterers who require a little cooling space onsite, market stalls or even camping trips when you need that extra space. We think this is very creative and a cool refrigeration solution, considering the bigger picture of energy efficiency and climate change. This solution has to be hands one of the better refrigeration solutions, we have seen around. Let’s hope this wont be too long before this is available in the market place.

11. Ice Cloud Fridge

And finally, developed for the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 the “IceCloud” by Hungarian designer Fanni Csernátony is an intelligent, comfortable and eco-friendly cooler appliance that uses the natural cooling effect of water (passive cooling) and clay pots. Inspired by “Zeer,” clay pot used to keep the food fresh and cold in the deserts of Nigeria, the fridge concept includes Peltier modules to generate thermoelectric power, from the difference of the inside and outside temperatures, for built-in displays, sensors and ventilators. The IceCloud also extracts the humidity from the air, or evaporating water, to allow natural cooling. The new fridge apart from being energy efficient also saves space in compact apartments, as it levitates vertically from the wall, while the smart storage gives easy access to the user. Moreover, the IceCloud let’s you download new recipes and health-care advices to view on the digital display.

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