Chill is going BIG! But for now, its business as usual.

Our exciting new office is essentially done. Our awesome new warehouse space is not a complete finished product yet but give it another few weeks & we will have a nice BIG new -20C freezer room, BIG new 0 – 4C cool room & most importantly, a new 12 – 18C wine, confectionery & chocolate room (mmm) taking our capacity up to over 1000 pallets. Yes this sounds all nice & exciting, however, we weren’t ignorant about how this may impact energy costs & the long term effect this would contribute to the environment. From the outset & where possible, we used environmentally friendly products & materials into the design & build with energy reduction efficiency as an important long term consideration. More updates will be posted right here, as we progress closer to our desired outcome. But for now, it’s business as usual.

Something to wet the appetite, here is a favourite piece that’s up & is the main feature in our office. We feel this encapsulates & oozes all things Chill. Designed by our awesome friend & international artist, Ben Brown. His accolades & credits from creating posters for high profile musicians such as Nirvana, Silverchair & Fat Boy Slim to drawing Stab magazine’s regular cartoon, Ben has a genuine & varied love for the illustrated form & has created a kick ass feature wall for Chill NSW head quarters. We love it!  Keep checking back in on the progress.



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