Carbon Pricing Bill – Wake Up Call

The Bill Has Passed.

When your children and your community’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren ask you “Where were you when all this happened? What were you doing? What were you thinking of? and most importantly What did you do about it to turn it around? What will your answers be?”

So when we pollute or destroy the Earth & it may not be productive again for a long, long time. Who will you blame then? Squander & diminish the Earth’s non-renewable resources & there will be less for your children and their children.

Last week Australia’s lower house of parliament voted on a controversial law that would impose a tax on about 500 of the country’s worst carbon polluters. The bill narrowly passed the lower house, where Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Labor Party argued in favour of the bill while conservative politicians and business lobby groups strongly opposed it.

The bill would also provide tax incentives to encourage investment in clean and renewable energy and, beginning in 2015, set up a carbon credits market. If the measure passes the upper house of parliament, the country will be on track to cut its carbon emissions 80 per cent by 2050.

Australia’s energy system is among the most polluting in the world thanks to its heavy reliance on coal, but Australia’s climate is vulnerable to the impact that climate brings change. Acting to reduce emissions is in the country’s self-interest in the longer term, especially if it can act as an inspiration for other countries to follow. Certainly, helping save the planet is something we can all do.

Our planet’s health is a problem; we can be part of the solution or continue to go the way we are.

We all have a choice: To follow nurturing, environmental practices leading to reduced global warming & a sustainable future supporting the well being of the planet and it’s inhabitants. OR to over consume & pollute, which contributes to global warming and, as we know, an unsustainable future for ourselves, our children and thousands of other threatened species on Earth. As we create toxic material we must create an antidote for it. Otherwise we leave an environmental debt to our children as a result of our thoughtlessness and greed. Pollution: it all comes at a cost to someone. And, in the end, if the polluter doesn’t change their ways, we all pay.

So surely, for the benefit of the whole we are creating a stronger economy for the future with the Carbon Tax Bill Pass in Parliament, yes to new jobs in clean industries and giving Australian wildlife a chance? As Australia has shown this will not be easy, if we do not acknowledge and learn from the many examples of past man-made ecological disasters, we will likely repeat these in the future.

No doubt this has been a bruising political argument, in the end this affects us all to take action against climate change & making the big polluters accountable. We have to think that the carbon pricing bill is a good thing to a “clean” energy future. Each of us can contribute, as good citizens it is our unquestionable duty to begin to once again walk lightly on the Earth as we go about our business.

I do not think the measure of a civilization
is how tall its buildings of concrete are,
But rather how well its people have learned to relate
to their environment and fellow man.
~ Sun Bear of the Chippewa Tribe ~

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