5 Ways We Help You Chill

Serving your product & promotional campaign at the right temperature!


Everything we do is generally based around time, weight, dimensions, quantity and volume. We know early in the piece these things are very difficult to ascertain but they are critical to accurately estimating costs. We can estimate when we don’t have them but we love accuracy and knowing exactly what we have to work and plan for. Marketing team on the client side promise you everything then they turn you over to, or have to wait for, there logistics divisions, which in many cases with the big FMCG guys are outsourced to the big guys like Toll or similar. At that point, often the urgency and importance of the requirements you have are lost and not prioritised. Generally every manufactured product has “Unit & Pallet Pack Specifications”. This document details EVERYTHING about the product what it weighs, measures and is packaged in. It is the most valuable document you can get your hands on when planning logistics associated with transporting, handling and storing the product. It turns estimation into calculation and we like that very much.


By getting the Chill brains on your team when your project first hits the drawing board you can leverage from their pool of collective talents and together we find ways to build and develop your clever ideas. The Chill team when put together have an enviable collection of skills in transport, storage, project management, building, risk management, OH&S, design, advertising, promotion along with other important ones like chess, karate, ping pong and to some degree croquet. In all seriousness the skill sets and experience we have that are made available and at your disposal as a value add on the front end of a campaign are there to add elements to your idea and concept generation that are invaluable and not only deliver impact but savings and efficiencies too. I hear your bottom line going……. Ohhhh Yeaahhh!


  Create windows of contingency in schedules. None of us want to plan to fail so don’t fail to plan, plan and plan some more.  Especially when your moving kit around the country. I can think over several examples over the last 12 mths where weather conditions have closed train lines between SA & WA. A lot of freight moves from East to West and back in containers on the rail line. You may not know it but many transport companies pack freight into containers and move their bulk this way. The upside, its cheap and timetabled. The downside, there’s only one line and if goods get stuck due to weather (which is usually forecast) you can’t get to them which can play havoc with deadlines and the space you’ve paid for in Westfield, the staff you have committed to, not to mention the integrated elements of the campaign that cant be altered….. So the Chill effect – assess all factors and possibilities and determine if freight can be sent through bulk and general lines – if time cost and risk allow – great. If not send goods in a dedicated truck that way you know we have your important needs, deadlines and requirements in our understanding hands every step of the way.


How many units what locations what time of day? Hmmmm all questions I hear you asking yourself. In all the years we have been helping clients manage there back end logistical needs for sampling we’ve been quietly collecting and recording data. If your unsure run your numbers by us and we will happily share with you the low end, mid point and high end expectations are and help you plan for what to do if you don’t get through everything on the day.


Well that’s what you will be doing when we are on your side. The feeling to know you don’t have to personally give up your nights after work or your weekends to watch over your logistics team bumping in or bumping out your sets. To know you can sleep at night knowing everything will turn up when it’s meant to turn up. To know it wont be you picking and packing sample bags through the night. Yep with Chill on your team they are just a few things you know you wont be doing. Of course you can ask for the call or text from Chill to know its complete or you can just indulge in the peace of mind knowing that when your team arrive in the morning ready for the first activation (or any activation) that it will be done just as you asked for and expected. Enjoy your after hours and personal time again after all it was yours to begin with.

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